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Multitasking quickfix


Reading about how to fix my stressrelated problems And FOUND this great article about 25 almost for free (optional) office hacks. WELL DONE!!! I say

TRY FitBolt !!

Theese tips are worth while, even for me, enough to join LinkedIn. So, yes I’m there too with my business side nowadays.

Bild          Bild    My laptop is with me everywhere so let’s say my office is….



While working in both production…  ❤ ❤   ….and out backstage of the runway sometimes I have to tackle the tingeling stressfactor





And then at home we need too much coffee to live together in daily familylifeBild

Choosing to live life side by side with work has it’s costs and feeling good is not optional for me anymore. I need my freedom to create and build my life. Sometimes it is a puzzle and I have understood the multitasking challenge once given to me.

It’s not about doing many things at one time, it’s doing one thing after another planned together in a way one task work for another…. For me, NOT me working for the tasks



The image…of last mentioned stylist..



This image says it all! The relief that I felt when knowing what to do in my life has found its image. The image reminds me of my struggle back in 2009 when I desided to become an designer, stylist and fashion blogger with unique behind the scene material to share 🙂