One of my favorite stylists has made an marvellous piece of art!


This was an so eyecatching image, it was recallingin my mind the feeling I had when I started in my fashion career 2009 I just like to share the image of inner relief when doing what you’re passionate about. on facebook.

Thank you!


Life turns its pages in an mysterious way….


….And I’m just happy to be mentioned!!!

FIRST I decide to do what I want instead of what I need. (well at least more of time spent on what i want)
THEN I just suddenly grasp how efficient blogging should be done.
MEANWHILE an great helper/lawfirm, starts to help me out with my small financial problems πŸ™‚ (yeay!!)
IN THE INSTANT of a few seconds later my lovely sister decides to start working part-time for me as an assistant stylist.

….all this within a week…

Customers? Well, that part solved…

On my birthday the 23d I went out to celebrate on an public pub, know from my youth as the “recycling central”

The place had changed name and looks to the better Happy Barrell.

I was overwhelmed by joy to see an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in many years.

Her reaction was awesome…
“oh my.. your just drop dead goergeus” (in local swedish dialect) and within the next two minutes I stumbled into an NEW stylist/design job.

Life has its twists and turns… 2005 I was so shy that I had problem to look in an strangers eyes.
Today… I’m the stranger that has more people than I know that says HI! to me with a smile, when I walk the city streets πŸ™‚

It hasn’t been easy, there’s still a lot of work ahead. Finally I KNOW that I’m on the right track.

You will hear from me soon again πŸ™‚

I decided to make a change, AND IT WORKED!!!


Many years ago I was determined to start an blog, that would just be
I started writing. I wrote and wrote, great content, but I had no clue about how I should get more readers.

Yes, they who discovered me and my blog were exited and told me to promote myself better.
Young and foolish I quit blogging because the tools back then were not really userfriendly.

Happy to be back!

The last week I decided to learn about todays channels to get the word out instead of just write and hope for the best.

3 hours, 4 new followers and lots of cheerings and likes from all over the world via all kinds of social media and supportwriters.

Finally I can stand for my words
Past is past
today is now
the now where changes and turningpoints happens
Tomorrow is when the magics of now gets visible
So no worries
Walk the walk and things get better

See you soon all my readers!!

My first Promotinal Brochure


This is an PR-brochure I made in order to an small pr-happening. Both and my own Atelje Midinette was in the project.

We needed something to show our customers that theese both companies work together every now and then. The result is visible while the behind the scene work isnΒ΄t.


Lens Blog


How the pictures can say so much… An big THANK U is going to my dear father… With the same sensibility also he made my childhood memorable with beutiful pictures This link links thou to one of the more know photografers I recently admired (not my father)