As an small companyowner I found an need to present some of my sideprojects to you, so you´ll find it easy to know what we are actually doing.

Good design is not an option when it comes to clothes today, it´s an demand. Unfortunately many of the big markets has capacity to serve only an handful of the standardsizes available. We small businessowners find it as our task to take care of the rest.

Nowaday you go to the seamstress when your clothes needs an repair, but we are doing much more than that!

Most of the clothes you wear daily are designed by someone who has both the seamestress and the dressmakers knowledge in patternmaking, sewing technique and choice of material. That is us, we are working with manufacturing too which makes the spaces between idea, productionplan an ready garment short.

Besides beeing an necktie- and scarves manufacturer we develop all kinds of products in textiles.

– Items for household

– interior design

– everyday clothes

– repairing

All theese are on our to-do-list. Something suitable for bigger markets, and others are in the range of the individualists and factories which sometimes has an huge demand in quality, details and over-all ethical manufacturing.


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