Stretching out, keeping the grip of myself



I’m considered bankrupt!

My company is considered bankrupt!

Well yeah, sounds like I’m celebrating an awful thing. Nobody should mention the tabu of business lightly. The situation when everything goes wrong and there are nobody else to turn to than yourself. ….thats what you think….

Well dear, when everything is said and done, the everything possible to do wasn’t good enough to make ends meet. The law of contradictions kicks in.

Lawyers that knows better, guides me into the neccessary things to do. The to do list is narrowed into the most needed issues, and I don’t think anymore, just do what I’m told to do…. PAPERWORK, more paperwork, and lots of it! is now gathered together in nice lists. All the things bits and pieces I’ve paid my bookkeeper to do I do myself now.

Balancing my life is easier than I tought, cut away, lean back, get a grip of time and just DO IT! You will be able to read more creative stuff when I release my paperpressure into the archives of time. Right now the creativity is on hold and nicely folded into the most creative status a bookkeeping could turn into.  


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