I decided to make a change, AND IT WORKED!!!


Many years ago I was determined to start an blog, that would just be
I started writing. I wrote and wrote, great content, but I had no clue about how I should get more readers.

Yes, they who discovered me and my blog were exited and told me to promote myself better.
Young and foolish I quit blogging because the tools back then were not really userfriendly.

Happy to be back!

The last week I decided to learn about todays channels to get the word out instead of just write and hope for the best.

3 hours, 4 new followers and lots of cheerings and likes from all over the world via all kinds of social media and supportwriters.

Finally I can stand for my words
Past is past
today is now
the now where changes and turningpoints happens
Tomorrow is when the magics of now gets visible
So no worries
Walk the walk and things get better

See you soon all my readers!!


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