What is the Right Choice?


Now when the work is overcoming us we’ve got winterflu, all of the personel, one week at a time…

Nothing bad that doesnt bring something good, while spending time at home with flu I wrote an small novel out of an dream I had, it didn’t leave me, just spinning in my head, so I had to write it down. My own private and personal developement found an answer on a lifelong questioning;

Why does the same people just achieve, develope and bring sucess over and over again while I’m standing still?

Found my answer that was an missing piece in my puzzle of life… the answer was found in my own head from deep down in my subconsius mind. The story that I made based on my dream will be published when it is translated into english.

Some might ask why I mix personal life and thoughts with work and business? Well you see, everything that is deep down in the head of the CEO will reflect in the business both good and bad sides. No matter how professional someone is to concentrate at work, the true personality control a lot of our decisions.

We are making big structural changes right now that will help us towards success. To finally reach success I had to change focus into few important things that might stop us. One of the things was the way of making decisions, the art of thinking that will take you out of the vacuum that exists in between “back then” and “now”.

JUST DO IT NOW! is an standard phrase used by many consults as the only way to explain not to wait until tomorrow. For me this has been hard to understand since I’m making my desicions now, I’m doing that part right. “From NOW on, this and that will change” It looks great and functional but a few weeks or months later we are back from where we begun.

There is an major step missing in the phrase “DO IT NOW” that never has been told to me. Before any plans will take action into an consistent change, the individual attitude has to move away from the stage “inbetween then and now” to finally reach the NOW that is in the phrase.

I dare to say that any attitude is right, as long it’s not holding you back. So… what does hold you back? It wasn’t the attitude that had to change? Nope…

“Get rid of your emotinal luggage”, is another phrase we’ve heard. How many people hasn’t tried to dig deep down in their own mind to get rid of something they don’t find, or desperatly tried to get rid of some feeling that do exist, wich actually is an important part of your attitude? My story is that no extra hard or heavy luggage ever existed, instead there was something missing. It’s as hard to know what’s missing in someones life, as it is to explain the colour red to someone born blind…. Close to impossible, since there are no references. In the end of one journey (before) and right before the beginning of an other (now) I found my vital missing piece. Hopefully my story, soon to be published, can help someone else to find theirs.



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