The way to find out how to make an good pair of trousers


My kids at 3, 5 and 15 years old are in that state where the hunt for an beautiful pair, with the right decorations and details takes a week to find.
When counting the potential hours of future shopping for my youngest daughter I decided to finally use my three year long studies in patternmaking and design to its peek of performance.

Last friday I spent an whole day just to figure out how to make the patterns to trousers for both bigger and smaller size ladies. Even if my kids look perfectly fit today I know that they will soon be like me.
In other terms with the characteristic Pearshape of our family and the attitude that aren´t nor popular or accepted in our community in Northern Europe.
My family are just a little bit too front forward, or as teachers says in preschool …difficult… we want to know why, how and if it works before we let go of the issue.

In the last year I managed to turn my attitude to work for me instead of fighting it. Only that is an blog of  it´s own

This is my worktable as I left it on friday and found it on monday…

In many years I´ve had an question that none has been able to answer with ease.
I´ve found out that there aren´t many brands available that makes beautiful trousers for sizes 44 and up, except jeans then. In the smaller sizes there are a wide range of variety thou.
This weekend I´ve managed to get the geometric formula right so the trousers are right mesured in most of sizes.
If this formula is counted right then I have the base for an lifetime, with only one number for correct size, two if  I want to change model from european measurements D to C or B.

Mostly in my head, not in paper

This is the base of calculation. 96 pages of info. 3 years of study, 17 years of shopping for the right trosers.
Now making them myself, and it took its own time for finding one short formula.

Today I start making the prototypes… then I probably have to make some patterndesign protection before starting the manufacturing…
For the eager reader I have to say that it will take it´s own time before the collection is in a store near to you.

Right now I make everything by hand because the use of an expensive program with huge database is not an option for me yet.

Wish me luck on this project 🙂


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